Friday, September 28, 2012

Traveling to a City Near You?

By Mister Curie

As an update, I recently finished up with my clinical rotations and am now applying to residency programs. I'll be traveling to interviews all over the country and would be interested in meeting readers of my blog in person. Drop me a line if you'd be interested in meeting up. Unfortunately, no trips planned to Utah, I just can't bring myself to consider moving back to the Mormon Corridor.


  1. Good luck with your applications and interviews! If you're in NYC, let me know! Hopefully second year won't kill me and we can meet up.

  2. Best wishes - I have several relatives who did the residency circuit and recall their excitement when the landed where they wanted to be. I am fairly new to gay blogging but skimmed through several of your posts. "Clueless" describes me well since I did not figure out I was gay till my 40s. If your travels bring you to North Carolina feel free to contact me. I have not met any other former (or current) gay Mormons here.

  3. I'm in San Diego. Good luck with those interviews.